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Voyage Dallas LOCAL STORIES: Adanna Burrell - Empowering Through Speech Therapy

In the sprawling city of Dallas, where dreams are as big as the Texas sky, it's the local stories that often shine the brightest. Today, we introduce you to a remarkable individual who has not only touched the lives of many but has also demonstrated the power of humility, adaptability, patience, optimism, and unwavering drive. Meet Adanna Burrell, a licensed speech-language pathologist and the owner of Speak It Therapy Solutions, PLLC.


A Texan at Heart

Adanna's journey begins in Plano, Texas, where she was born and raised. With a family tree deeply rooted in education, she inherited a passion for working with children from both sides of her family. Initially pursuing a degree in Elementary Education, Adanna realized she was destined for more. The summer before her junior year in college, she embarked on a quest to discover her true calling.

This quest led her to the world of Speech-Language Pathology, a field she fell in love with after shadowing professionals at the Plano Parks and Recreation Center and in the school system. Inspired by her newfound passion, Adanna switched her major and embarked on a journey that would shape her career and life profoundly.

A Journey of Dedication and Growth

Adanna's dedication and unwavering commitment to her chosen path were evident from the start. She was granted a unique opportunity, a Grant aimed at increasing the number of Black Speech-Language Pathologists, which not only covered her tuition and books but also provided her with a chance to attend the National Black Speech-Language and Hearing Association Conference as an undergraduate student.

After completing her Master's degree, Adanna returned to her hometown with a clear mission in mind: to provide speech therapy to the community that had initially nurtured her passion. She began her career in Richardson ISD, working with elementary school children and eventually transitioning to the Autism Assessment Team.

Building a Legacy

During her time in the school system, Adanna partnered with a non-profit organization called CLASP International. This partnership allowed her to bring speech therapy tools and training to families and communities while also assisting the University of Zambia in establishing its Speech-Pathology Program. Her love for autistic students grew stronger, leading her to a private practice where she collaborated with BCBAs, gaining valuable insights into the behavioral aspect of therapy.

Adanna's journey took another turn as she transitioned back to the school system as a contractor, taking on supervisory roles and training future Speech-Language Pathologists. In 2017, she joined Children's Health as the Speech Therapy Team Leader, overseeing a team of over 15 therapists and rehabilitation aides at an outpatient medical clinic.

From Adversity to Entrepreneurship

The COVID-19 pandemic, with all its challenges, became a turning point for Adanna. It was during this time that she realized she needed a change and decided to fully embrace her entrepreneurial dream. In 2021, she officially opened Speak It Therapy Solutions, PLLC. This marked the rebirth of her company, which she had initially started in 2012, serving a small number of clients at her local library.

In September 2022, Adanna made a bold move and officially resigned from her Team Leader role at Children's Health to pursue her entrepreneurial dream full-time. Her decision was driven by her passion for making a difference in the lives of her clients and her unwavering commitment to the community she calls home.

The Key to Success: Humility, Adaptability, Patience, Optimism, and Drive

When asked about the qualities most important to her success, Adanna pointed to her humility, adaptability, patience, optimism, and drive. These qualities have not only propelled her through various business ventures but have also allowed her to collaborate with other educators and SLPs and connect with professionals worldwide.

Adanna Burrell's story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Her journey from a college student exploring different career options to a successful business owner making a meaningful impact in her community is nothing short of inspiring. Adanna continues to empower others through speech therapy, and her story reminds us all that with the right qualities and determination, we can achieve our dreams and leave a lasting legacy.

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